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I have a serious fear of dentist offices since I was a little kid and every time I have been to Fredericktown Family Dental I have felt so much better emotionally! They are considerate with care and take a lot of time to explain what they’re going to do that day with you. If you need affordable care and excellent service, I highly recommend you try them.

-Morgan E.

Very pleased with visit. All protocols were in place concerning present virus pandemic. Cleaning and assessment was easy and painless. Very nice technicians and Dr. Adams was pleasant.

-Hope M. 

The staff was very understanding and knowledgeable. They took the time to help find my insurance and took the time to answer any and all questions. They were 110% better than the other dentist office I had visited prior. They took the time to explain the procedures and how things would go and gave time frames as to how long it would take. They even gave prices and said they except payments if needed. Staff was friendly and did not judge you on your teeth. The dentist didn’t cause any unnecessary pain that Aspen dental did. I would recommend to anyone. I’m glad a coworker said to go to Family Dental. It was a good experience.


I love this place! From my first experience when Dr. Adams purchased the practice to my visit this week, I’ve been greeted with a smile and sent home with a better smile of my own. If you’re looking for a dentist, look no further. It doesn’t get any better than this!

-Denny W. 

Absolutely amazing staff and service!

My 6 year old developed a pretty nasty little cavity in a molar that needed attention. She was very anxious about the appointment and would break down crying not wanting to go. The staff was extremely nice and welcoming explaining everything to her before starting and consistently making sure she was doing okay. The option for laughing gas not only eased her anxiety but this mommas as well, especially when they were ready to numb the area and start drilling.

No needle was ever saw, no pain was ever felt and my 6 year old is NOT afraid of going to the dentist anymore - and that y'all is SUCCESS! I highly recommend Fredricktown Family Dental! Give them a call, you will be happy that you did!

-Arie W.

I am one of those people who absolutely hates going to the dentist, and I had been putting it off for 16 months. Had an extraction done this morning 3/12/2021. Was my first time using Family Dental in Fredericktown. Kevin Leong exceeded all expectations. Very professional, very knowledgeable, and talked to me thru every minute of the process. His assistant was also awesome, but I can not remember her name (sorry) Ended up being quicker than expected, less pain then expected, and less money then expected. I did not have insurance and still ended up paying $100 less then I thought it would be. Interactions with other staff members were great too. Office was clean and looked nice. Water bottles in the lobby are a nice touch too. All of this while their computer systems were down made it extra impressive. Overall, Kevin reduced my stress level and put me at ease. Will definitely be a return customer in the near future.10/10 would recommend to anyone in our area.


They have been awesome. Dr Messer is doing implants for me and he and his team are amazing. They really do care about how you are feeling and that everything is comfortable for you during the entire process. Dr. Messer makes sure to answer all your questions no matter how silly they sound. So glad I found this team...try them out and you will be glad too.

-Helen C. 

I have extreme anxiety when it comes to the dentist and my hygienist and dentist were great! I would definitely recommend this place to friends and family.

-Dacia R. 

I was made very comfortable by the helpful and friendly attitude of the staff. They helped calm my nerves and explained everything so I could understand what was going on. Their patience helped a lot to make this as pleasant as possible.

-Roberta F.

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